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Scalp Massage


Manual or Amped Scalp Massage

This 10 step amped scalp massage is an invigorating service, quick yet very effective, the vibrating hand massagers will revitalize your senses through a recharging dose of blood circulation then finish off with a scented steamed towel.


Tee Tree Treatment

A relaxing Shampoo and Conditioning of your hair is the first order of business then we'll massage a fragrant and nourishing essential oil in to promote optimal scalp heath, soothing dry, itchy and flaky scalps. 


Deluxe Scalp Massage

 After enjoying your ten step Scalp massage we move to your ten step rest facial described below to further the relaxing effects of your visit., we must warn you this is a dangerously addicting ritual  





Rest Facial

Reset your frequency with this ten step rest facial, beginning with a warm towel to remove excess dirt and oils. then proceeding to release stress and tension from nerve endings and motary points, enhanced by a second towel to further relax you, then we'll finish off with a moisturizer and toner. 



Exfoliating Facial

Skin prone to acne, ingrown hair and razor bumps with benefit the most from this service. Begining with a warm towel to cleanse your face for a mild apricot scrub to remove dead skin, impurities and excess oils without over drying. closing with a moisturizing and nourishing tee tree and aloe cream. You'll enjoy noticeably cleaner, smoother and healthier looking skin.