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hair design Overview

The following overview is intended to further your understanding of the terminology used in men’s grooming. Through transparentcy we can minimize misunderstandings, misinterpretations, or ambiguities, allowing you to  select a proper hair design. We hope this information is of use to you - wether you're  visiting Swarthy's where we'll provide you a design that affords you both fashion and function from the moment you leave our chair till the moment you return., or you find yourself elsewhere, our intention is to elevate your grooming experience. Please keep in mind the 3 cardinal rules in designing your best look: 1 Natural Hair Texture 2. Natural Growth Patern 3. Your Head Shape, Godspeed!



  Popular for their short, clean design and uniform side lengths. This timeless design has been seen on military, law enforcement, law abiders as well as outlaws, You'll see this design applied in the modern "Undercut" hair design, featured in movies like Fury, Lawless or the show Peaky Blinders.

  Please Note: The term faded is an effect applied to a certain area of the hair design, where the Fade hair design has a selected shortness applied to the laterals that seamlessly transitions with the top lengths. There are Low, Reg and High Fades typically all having a maximum length of 3/8" just below the partial ridge then continuing to blend upward.  



  More dynamic than the uniformity of the previously mentioned Fade, the Taper affords the wearer the shortness of faded side burns and nape, yet enough length on the sides to show the direction and flow of hair and transitions to short or longer length on top. Here again tapered is not the same as aTaper, the first is a an effect applied to an area or design line and the later is a hair design where the side burns/temporal are faded sometimes down to skin at a 45 angel coupled with a faded effect at nape and blending in at the occipital bone.


Gent's Cut

The classic men's hair design leans more towards a medium length, not as short as the Fade or Taper. This design employs more length allowing for body and visual direction, Mad Men is a great example of this hair design and not only reserved for the lawyer, banker or CEO. Together we’ll make it your own with a tapered or texturizing effect .